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Parked Bicycle on the Binghamton Riverwalk
Traffic Counts

Each year, BMTS conducts turning movement counts at various intersections as well as segment counts on roadways across the planning area. The intersection counts are typically updated on a three-year cycle and intersections are altered as necessary. Counts can be seen on the interactive map below by either clicking on a point or line, or using the search bar function. Clicking on a segment will provide information about that roadway and provide links to speed and volume data. We recommend referencing the weekly average count information and for the correct information about ADT or AADT, please reach out to BMTS directly. Clicking on a point in a given intersection will provide a pop-up of information on the location, municipality, and owner, maintainer, as well as links to turning movement counts (TMC). Click on the links provided for a given year to find a pdf of TMCs.


To view a larger version of the map above, click HERE

For information on historic counts or other locations, please reach out to BMTS directly.