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Bicycles Parked on the South Washington Street Bridge
Bicyclist and Pedestrian


The Importance of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

Increased levels of bicycling and walking would result in significant benefits in terms of health and physical fitness, the environment, and transportation-related effects. Research has shown that even low to moderate levels of exercise, such as regular bicycling or walking, can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases; help reduce health care costs; contribute to greater functional independence in later years of life; and improve quality of life at every stage. A recent British Medical Association study concluded that the benefits in terms of life years gained from the increased physical activity of bicycling far outweigh any possible negative effects in life-years lost from injuries or fatalities.

Map of Current, Planned, and Proposed Trailways

BMTS Greenways

Trail systems are integral in creating a sustainable and healthy community. The Two Rivers Greenway trail system covers two counties and multiple municipalities. These trails enable community members to have increased access to alternative forms of transportation and an increased access to healthy recreation. Continuing the development of the Two Rivers Greenway Trail system as well as other trails in the planning area is imperative.

Plans, Maps, Reports & Resources


Johnson City Complete Streets Webinar (July 14, 2022)


   2022 E-Bike& E-Scooter Multi-use Trail Regulations Guide