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Binghamton Evening Skyline
About BMTS

Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study

The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study is a regional transportation planning agency. Designated under Federal law as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), BMTS is responsible for developing transportation plans and programs. These plans explore both long-range and near terms needs of the transportation system, and how those needs relate to broader community goals of mobility, quality of life, and economic growth.

The plans address not only potential new transportation facilities, but also the need to maintain our existing streets and roads, bridges, and transit systems. They are multimodal, reflecting the complexity of the metropolitan transportation system in which people move by auto, by bus, by bicycle, and on foot; and where goods move by truck, by rail, and by air. It also reflects the close linkage between land use and transportation investment.

BMTS' mission is to direct the investment of public funds in the metropolitan transportation system to enhance the mobility of people and goods, to improve the safety of travel, and to have a positive impact on the quality of life in our communities.

BMTS is comprised of a Policy Committee, a Planning Committee, and a Central Staff. In acting as a truly regional body, the Policy Committee must reach consensus when adopting transportation plans and programs. The BMTS region includes not only the urban core of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott, but also suburban areas stretching from the Village of Owego to Chenango Bridge, Conklin, and Kirkwood.

BMTS places great value on involving the public and their elected officials in the transportation planning process. If our plans are to reflect the broader goals of the community, those plans must be developed through an open dialog.

BMTS Planning Area